Top 7 Things to do in the Everglades

If you ask anyone about the Everglades, they will most probably say that it is the greatest swamp in Florida. They are close but not exactly right! It is a slow-running river that entails around nine contrasting, elegant ecosystems.

The Everglades National Park holds the third position when it comes to ranking America's largest national parks. It sits behind the Yellowstone and Death Valley and covers a vast area of around 1.5 million acres. The Everglades national park has grabbed tourists' attention from allover the world. Besides that, it has been ranked as the top natural attraction in all of South Florida. So, if you plan to visit the Everglades National Park, these are the top seven things you need to experience there!

Airboat Tours

Everglades is a slow-moving river with several crisscrossed waterways, which are only four to five feet shallow. That is why; the only way to move through the swamp is a kayak, canoe, and the most iconic of them all, "AIRBOATS." These airboats are also referred to as fan boats. These airboats are made of aluminum and have flat bottoms. Airboats glide on top of the water by a propeller that sits on the back of airboats. These airboats are driven by professional tour guides and are pretty fast when it comes to speed. These airboat crafts are designed particularly in a way that they can move overland too. Everglades Safari Park offers the best airboat rides in the whole area. These are professionals in the field and are themselves are a sight to behold. Because you can feel their enthusiasm by watching them do their work, along with these airboat tours, Everglades Safari Park also offers a jungle walking trail that's included in their ticket. The airboat tour guides will also help you spot alligators during the boat ride.

The Wildlife Show

After getting an airboat tour at Everglades Safari, the next thing that you should do is watch an educational show with real alligators. Usually, tour guides bring alligators and snakes of various sizes out to the crowd for an up-close personal encounter. These tour guides use the centuries-old techniques of working with the alligators. After putting up a good show, you can take a photograph next to a baby gator, if you dare. Don't be afraid as professional wildlife handlers handle them.

Into the Wild

The airboat tours and wildlife shows are a. fun way to experience the Everglades, but the fun part comes when you walk on foot into the wild and go deep into the jungle. Everglades Safari has a self-walking nature trail. Also, numerous tour agencies will help you walk through the wilderness of Everglades mangroves and connect with nature. Usually, these trips depend upon the time that you have allocated for the journey. Some tourists like to keep it short and focus on other things. But suppose you are more serious about walking through a swamp and have more time left on your trip while at Everglades National Park. In that case, the tour guide might take you more deeply into the swap, where you will be able to experience and observe some of the most amazing wild creatures and plants. Don't forget to bring hiking shoes, water, and sunscreen with you.

Explore the park on a tram tour

If you don't want to set foot on land and are not comfortable going on foot, this doesn't mean that you cannot experience the fantastic wildlife. There is always a tram tour available for you at Shark Valley. It will take two hours for the whole tram trip to complete. As mentioned before, airboat rides are focused on water. In contrast, the tram tour is solely focused on land. Sit comfortably in your seat and listen to the Everglades National Park Service rangers, who will be serving as guides on your whole trip.

While traveling on a tram, you will see many birds like flamingos, herons, and egrets. Well, of course, you will see gators up close too.

Visit Miccosukee Village

If you think that the Everglades is all about swamps, flora, birds, and alligators, you are entirely wrong. Another attraction while visiting the Everglades is its history, traditions, and customs of the people that live there. These people are the. Miccosukee and Seminole, and while visiting the Everglades, don't forget to visit the Miccosukee village. These people live in wooden houses and wear colorful clothes that will make your trip extraordinary. While your visiting, don't forget to collect some of their jewelry, which is entirely made of beads. Apart from this, the village also boasts about a small museum which offers drinks and snacks.

Go camping

If you like adventure and would love to camp in the Florida Everglades, worry not because there are numerous campgrounds available in Everglades National Park. The park also flexes about a wilderness campground. Although you might fancy some camping there, there is a limitation attached. You can only go camping if you have a permit. Tents are allowed on campgrounds, but most areas are only accessible by a canoe or a kayak if you want to camp deep in the wilderness.

Walk on the Gumbo Limbo Trail.

The Gumbo Limbo trail is the best choice for any tourist who wants to flex his legs. It offers a visitor a self-guided walk between forests and is entirely made up of gumbo limbo trees. The whole trail is about half a mile and is fully paved for the tourists. Riding bikes on trails is strictly prohibited in the area, but visitors on wheelchairs can easily navigate the route.

Bicycle tours

If you want to experience the Everglades more closely, we have an adventure entirely for you. Bicycle tours are one of the best ways to sight-seeing and experiencing the Everglades. At Shark Valley, You can bring your bicycle or easily rent one out for a short trip. There are numerous trails in Everglades National Park. Apart from going on your trail solo, you can also participate in the tour led by a tour guide. All you have to do is contact Shark Valley ahead of time.

Everglades National Park offers various tours and services to its visitors. If you plan to visit sometime soon, bear in mind that the best time to visit is the dry season between November and June. And while your stay there, don't skip the airboat tours at Everglades Safari Park. Believe me, if you missed an airboat tour there, you would be missing all the fun.