Miami Governor Proposes 2.6 Mile Bridge in the Everglades

Proposed Everglades 2.6 mile bridge
Diagram of proposed 2.6 mile sectio

Everglades Safari Park has been educating the locals and tourists about the Everglades since 1968 and we have become the leading Everglades attraction with historical value. Millions of visitors have come from all around the world to experience our eco-tours. The Everglades is our home, and nothing is more important to us than preserving its delicate ecosystem for future generations to come and enjoy it as we have. We just do not want to be lost underneath the bridge.

In 1989, Congress passed the Everglades National Park Protection and Expansion Act (P.L. 101-229) that expanded the park to include 109,506 acres of the East Everglades. Section 103(d) authorized the National Park Service to allow concession contracts with commercial businesses which includes Everglades Safari Park.

Our stance is that if the bridge is going to be built that there is a smarter way to build it that will cost the same amount of money, and everyone will be happy. Everglades Safari Park wants to be built at the same level as the bridge, and to have new buildings, like a visitor center, rest stop, etc. for people to experience. Taxpayers would rather see an area that they can stop at to stretch their legs, or to park and get down to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the Everglades from the height of the bridge.

The other approach may even be simpler. Instead of having the bridge built right over Everglades Safari Park, having the bridge shortened by less than an eighth of a mile west of Safari and avoiding any inconvenience and save tens of millions of taxpayers dollars.

In conclusion, building the visitors center at the same height of the bridge or shortening the bridge will allow visitors the opportunity to still enjoy the park and conserve the Everglades for generations to come.  In doing so, the National Park, locals and visitors from all around the world can enjoy, appreciate and be proud of what the Everglades has to offer.

Click the link below to watch Channel 10 reporting on the proposed Everglades 2.6 mile bridge, and how it will affect Everglades Safari Park by clicking the link below.

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