Everglades Safari Park offers three (3) options to redeem your ticket(s) (described below)

Print Ticket(s) - Preferred Method

On the day of your visit you must present your ticket(s), or written down ticket number(s) in order to redeem your tour/activity. If you fail to present your ticket(s) information, you will be refused service and/or admission to the activity you have purchased. Everglades Safari Park will not refund, credit or otherwise compensate you for failure to present your ticket information on the day of your visit. Bring a valid photo ID.

Show Ticket(s) on your Mobile Device

If you travel with a mobile device and do not have access to a printer, simply show your Photo ID and present your ticket on your Smartphone or tablet on the day of travel. Bring a valid photo ID.

Write down the Ticket Number(s)

On the day of your visit you can present a paper or mobile device, or you can simply present the Lead Visitor's Photo ID with the ticket number(s) written down. Everglades Safari Park has your reservation on file and requires proof of identity (valid photo ID for the Lead Traveler) , and the ticket number(s) on the day of your visit to locate your reservation.

Ticket Expiration Date

30 Days from date of purchase.

Your Payment Details are Secure

At Everglades Safari Park we are committed to maintaining the integrity and security of your personal information. We use industry-standard encryption protocols when receiving and transferring your personal information. In fact, when you send personal information to us over the Internet, we first require that a "secure session" be established using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Your personal information is stored in secure operating environments that are not accessible to the general public. We have security measures in place at our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information by our employees or third parties.

We Value your Privacy

Everglades Safari Park will never sell or distribute your number or email address. We value your privacy. More info Because our Terms & Conditions contain legal obligations, we encourage you to read them carefully. They form the basis on which bookings are accepted by Everglades Safari Park. Unless otherwise stated, purchases made through EvergladesSafariPark.com or any Everglades Safari Park-affiliated website are subject to these Terms & Conditions; in all booking arrangements, the person making the booking shall be deemed to have accepted these conditions on behalf of the persons named in the booking. No variation to these Terms & Conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing by and with the authority of Everglades Safari Park.

Conditions & Cancellation Policy

When paying by credit card, your card is charged the total amount as soon as you submit your information. If confirmation isn't received instantly, an authorization is held against your card until it arrives. You can change or cancel your Private tour booking request within 24Hrs. charges may apply.

Terms of Use

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